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Deeply inspired by Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Type O Negative, Dream Theater, and of course Pink Floyd, [by the stone] is one of the newest arrivals on the shores of Progressive Metal. Since our first self titled EP debuted in 2013, we have nearly finished with the recording of our second EP, and we have begun to write new material.

Below we have posted a video of our rough mix of "Into the Void," an instrumental track that will be featured on our second EP and is heavily influenced by the Nine Inch Nails album, "The Fragile." We have also posted a video that walks our fans through our complicated keyboard rig, as well as a video showing how we recorded synths on "Outpost," which will also be featured on our second EP. We have also posted the official music video for "Jericho," off of our 1st EP; a cautionary tale about what happens when the powerful come crashing down.

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