By The Stone is a dark melodic progressive metal band from the Boston/Worcester area.

Melodic leads, edgy keyboards, and double bass, By The Stone attempts to write the latest chapter in a book that Pink Floyd started over 40 years ago.

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  • New Music! - Dead Sea (Rough Mix) (Thu Aug 7, 2014) - We've recently released a rough mix of our song Dead Sea. This track will be found on our forth coming second EP. Feel free to check the song out on SoundCloud here.
  • Welcome Nine Inch Nails fans! (Thu Oct 10, 2013) - We are running a promotion for Nine Inch Nails fans, so we've opened a special page on our website just for them. Click here to check out our brand-new song, and some behind the scenes footage!
  • New Song, New Music Video (Thu Oct 10, 2013) - We have completed a rough cut of the audio and video for our song "Into the Void" which will be featured on our 2nd EP, "Dead Sea." We've blogged about the video, so head to our blog page for more info.
  • By the Stone Says Goodbye to Guitarist Matt Murphy (Fri July 26, 2013) - We are saddened to account that after 7 years, guitarist Matt Murphy has decided to leave the band. While Matt will be missed, [by the stone] is moving forward will writing new material.

    For more details, please see our latest blog post.
  • New Blog Post - Close-Miking the Drums (Tue Mar 26, 2013) - We've posted the third installment of our blog series about recording the drums. Read it on our blog page.